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Concussion Care is Complicated, Confusing, and Constantly Changing.

That is why you need a Concussion Navigator.

  • Full Assessment

  • Targeted, individualized treatment plan

  • Collaboration with physicians

  • Graduated Return-to-Play (in compliance with CA Youth Sports Concussion Law)

  • Recognition and referral to specialists as needed

  • Healthcare Provider Education on research updates and standards of care

  • Consulting services 

Pre-Injury Baseline testing:

Vestibular, ocular, balance, reaction time, & cognitive tests, 

plus risk assessment and prevention strategies-- only $99!

Stacey Ritter, concussion specialist


Stacey Ritter MS, ATC

Certified Athletic Trainer, Sports Medicine Care, Concussion Specialist

  • 30 years of professional experience
  • Experience with youth, high school, university, Olympic and professional athletes
  • Master's Degree in Psychology of Injury
  • National Board of Certification
  • CCMI Certified Concussion Specialist
  • State, District and National Athletic Trainers Association Awardee, including 2018 NATA Most Distinguished Athletic Trainer
  • Sought after professional presenter/speaker 
  • Multiple publications related to sports medicine/athletic training


Early, Active Rehab  leads to 

better outcomes than rest alone.

Multiple peer-reviewed studies agree that rehab is better than rest

Patients recover sooner, and more completely, with physical, cognitive, balance, and visual activities, under the supervision of a healthcare provider trained in the management of concussion. 

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CN​S is a pr​oud clinic of the Complete Concussion Management I​nc.TM (CCMI) Partnership Program - an international network of clinics offering evidence-based concussion care. 

Why CNS?

Athletes of all ages, sports & skill levels deserve high-quality care, especially when it comes to brain injury.  Even if a concussion wasn't from sports, every brain should have the chance to heal quickly, and completely. 

Many concussion patients and their families arrive at CNS frustrated, hopeless, confused and desperate. They have often been misunderstood, underdiagnosed, dismissed, or simply told "There's nothing you can do."  That's why I created CNS. 

Concussion Navigation Services is the only concussion rehab specialty clinic within 150 miles, so that patients no longer have to travel outside of our community to get evidence-based care.  The goal is always to get patients back to school, work, sports, and the life they had before their concussion. 

Whether the concussion happened a few days ago, or  a few years ago, it is a treatable injury.  Let's get to work. 

Stacey Ritter award honoree
Stacey Ritter provider education

"After an entire year of debilitating symptoms, I never thought I would return to being a collegiate D1 athlete. Stacey turned my life around for the better with her vast knowledge and experience. I am living completely symptom-free and competing at an elite level due to Stacey's commitment and gift of healing."

testimonial professional athlete

Torrey VanWinden

NCAA Division 1 

Indoor/Beach Volleyball

"Following the most severe of my son’s concussions, and an emergency room visit that left us with little guidance, we began working with Stacey. Her comprehensive evaluation, and knowledge of concussion best-practices immediately gave us a sense of relief moving forward to facilitate his healing."

testimonial  family

Clarin Family

Arroyo Grande, CA

"After my car accident, I was suffering from post concussion issues and didn’t think I would be able to return to my job confidently as a fitness instructor, coach, or competitive athlete ever again. Life as I knew it seemed to have shattered. Because of Stacey, I have my life back to a pain-free and symptom free platform. She is kind, knowledgeable, and really values helping others. I am very thankful!"

testimonial fitness coach

Alyse Meza

Strength Coach/Fitness Instructor

Krista's Concussion

Krista is an athlete, and engineer, who came to CNS three months after her accident. Hear her story in her own words.

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National Athletic Trainers Association
Member in Good Standing

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certified clinic badge
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Certified Athletic Trainer

since 1992

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Professional Development


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Navigating concussions starts here.


Get in touch!


75 Higuera St, Suite 155

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401


phone: 805-439-0489
fax: 805-243-1501


In most cases, new patients can be seen within 48 hours. 

Call to schedule your appointment. 


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